::-Kasetsart expands WLAN
Over 100 nodes at Bang Khen campus
Sasiwimon Boonruang

Kasetsart University's Bang Khen campus now offers wireless connectivity from over 100 wireless access points and the university has announced plans for wireless networks for all of its three campuses.
It began implementing a wireless network in mid-2001 at the Bang Khen campus with the Engineering Faculty and the Computer Services Office, as well as at its Sakon Nakhon campus.
KU's Office of the Computer Services director Assoc Prof Surasak Sanguanpong said a pilot project for a wireless LAN has been at the Engineering Faculty, and this had been followed by a wireless network at the Computer Service Office serving instructors and administrators, enabling electronic meetings.
The service which is called KUWiN project (Kasetsart University Wireless Network) was then extended last year to enable access by students and officials and now there are approximately 100 access points on the campus.
To access KUWiN, students needed to borrow a wireless card from the library, or could use their own cards, although they must register online to identify themselves, Mr Surasak said.
So far, some 560 cards have been registered by authorised KU members.
Apart from the Engineering Faculty and library, KU is now extending its wireless LAN to every faculty, which encompasses 43 buildings.
``We have not focussed on every building, but in the areas of Internet use such as in dormitories, classroom buildings, the cafeteria and where students work,'' he said.
Next year, an additional 100 access points will be provided in buildings that have many floors, while, KU will also expand its wireless network at its Kampaengsan campus, which today has just a few access points.
The university has spent around five million baht for this three-year operation, covering equipment, access points, cards, fibre optic cables and Ethernet switches, while it has developed software, as well as system design and implementation.
KUWiN is a part of an e-university initiative driven by ICT for learning, research, and to support people to use ICT from the network anywhere and at any time. The e-university comprises of e-students, e-learning, e-teachers, e-personnel, e-meetings and e-office.
KUWiN is a long-term project and the university has been developing products for it. It is based on IEEE 802.11b technology at 2.4 GHz at a speed of 11Mbps, while next year, the university will test the quality of the 802.11g standard. This is capable of 54Mbps and the university will define areas for this that have a need for high-bandwidth applications such as multimedia

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